Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Here are some pictures of our day.


  1. Love your pictures September! That third photo is my favorite, the heart shape, very cool. And those cupcakes are amazing! I'd love to know how you did that! Your cupcake pictures look good too. What lens are you using?

  2. Thanks Sheri! The lens is 24-70L. It's newer, I'm still trying to "love" it.

  3. Nice fire cracker heart!
    I love you your lens, does that help?

  4. helps a little. I think I just need the new 5D!!! Haha

  5. Timber..great post..I love the firework pics. I must need to get a new camera cause my firework pic didn't not come out the clear.
    I absolutely love the cupcakes.
    You must share your secret.
    I miss you girl!!

  6. How fun. The cupcakes make me hungry, I love the first shot. I'm going to have to try the heart next year. Do you love you 24-70L yet?