Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Watch Out!!!! 2 posts in 1 day.....

I finally ordered some studio lighting. You know what that means, I had to try them out on someone. I had a willing subject for the cost of 1 tootsie pop.
Blake has this head tilt thing that drives me crazy.....but I can't complain, he was letting me take pictures.


  1. Ok, you're getting pretty good at photography! You must have a good teacher! Love these shots.

  2. One tootsie pop, that's cheap. Last time I took my kids pictures it cost me 6 bucks!

  3. Sheri....I have the best teacher!
    Joc....I hope the stakes stay low! I might have to get new subjects...hahaha!!

  4. very good photography and love the name "Septography". Very catchy!!!
    There you are Jocelyn...start charging people to teach them photography...well, not Sept./me or sis. haha!! I need some help!!!
    1 tootsie pop??? he's easy!!!
    Good job..