Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dragging my boys out in the rain

WARNING: This is how I torture my kids. Practice PHOTOGRAPHY!!!
Austin under his umbrella......

Austin telling me he's had enough......
Blake and his "smile"

Blake wondering if we're done yet?


  1. OMG..I love it Timber..I know the boys don't but like I tell better get used to picture taking cause it's never going away. Great time you and Joc get together and talk me..I just need a new yours and hers.

  2. Kristi- ur cute! That's pretty much what I tell them, they know it will never go away. Oh well!!!

  3. I can't believe how grown up your boys are. These are great pictures. Don't you just love taking photos? Yours look great!

  4. Thanks! I have to agree, they do grow up to fast. I love taking pictures, even if my kids don't like being the subjects.